“The Finest Level V Skim Coat Finish”

Vanfleet Interiors' Liquid Plaster provides a quality level five drywall finish for quality homes. Liquid Plaster ensures a flawless level five skim coat finish on moldings, ceilings, and walls, even in areas where direct sunlight and critical lighting occur.

With Liquid Plaster, quality matters.


High Build Formula

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Liquid Plaster's patented formula provides a superior drywall finish, even in critically lit areas.

Liquid Plaster can be applied by rolling or spraying depending on the desired finish and can even be applied over existing painted surfaces. The high solid formula equalizes porosity to guarantee a durable finish that is applied evenly and smoothly.

Commited to Quality

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With Liquid Plaster, you get more than just a perfect finish.

With over 25 years of experience, Vanfleet Interiors is dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive service in every regard. Our service technician is only ever a phone call away for any questions or inquiries you may have about Liquid Plaster or its application services.

World-Wide Shipping

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Liquid Plaster skim coat drywall finish is available for shipping world-wide to all consumers, companies, and contractors looking to add a flawless finish to their quality homes.


Our experienced technicians offer complete drywall services from installation to level five finish. We ensure the protection of all windows and floors by applying a poly film. Walls and ceiling are dusted with an air pressure machine. Surfaces are checked for any imperfection or tool marks and corrected with a light sanding after each skim coat application. The final coat is sprayed and lightly sanded to ensure a flawless finish.


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